Social Thingum has developed WhoTeach, a B2B digital learning platform with Artificial Intelligence that helps educational institutions and businesses to create high quality online courses, using fewer resources.

Learning Management System

A powerful Learning Management System, able to manage training and courses in an effective and user-friendly way.

P2P Platform

The integrated P2P Platform WhoTeach® Social enriches and stimulates the sharing of training experiences and teaching materials.

Artificial Intelligence

It helps teachers to dynamically create courses, integrate relevant resources and design personalised learning and training paths.


The Live platform allows you to manage online classes in a virtual classroom with many features.

We are developing WhoTeach®, an intelligent social e-learning platform that supports skills development, re-skilling and up-skilling for workers and students through a powerful synergy between artificial intelligence and collaborative learning features: WhoTeach® is an innovative B2B web-based platform that aims at helping teachers and experts in content creation and at developing customized learning paths.

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